Words of Wisdom

          Taken from "A Word Fitly Spoken"  is like apples of Gold in settings of silver.
                                                                        by Mark Fugate

  My mom has always been an encourager to me.  In high school we did the musical Oklahoma, and I played the part of Curly McClain.  She made me a shirt with two  
  crossed pistols on the chest, and I was all set to go.  I would say, "Mom, there will be a big crowd.  What if I mess up?" She would say, "It will be just fine, and
  remember you're a Fugate.  We always mess up." Now how about that for a pep talk!  Really though, at every juncture of my life, she has had confidence that I could 
  fan into flame as Paul says to Timothy "the gift of God" that have been given to me. To be a person of faith and to keep your eyes on the Lord requires an inner confidence
  and a realization that we have not been given a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power.  Instilling that inner confidence is a contribution that a mother makes.

    What did your Mom do to "fan your flame?"

     2Timothy 1:5-6


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