Words of Wisdom

          Taken from "A Word Fitly Spoken"  is like apples of Gold in settings of silver.
                                                                        by Mark Fugate


 We as Christians who follow the Lord must realize that what we say and how we act are very important. We can't just write  off immoral behavior with a shrug and a passive attitude, but we must realize how important it is to obey the Lord. Gambling, suggestive attire, pornography, alcohol, homosexuality, abortion, capital punishment and other issues affect so many of God's people. Our goal is not to condemn people but to condemn sin, and to encourage each other to live Godly lives. Too many people think that ethics can be determined by the situation, but I want to encourage you to never confuse the will of the majority with the will of God. God is not standing on the edge of heaven saying, "Let's make a deal." He is standing there saying, "Here is the deal. "

How do you acknowledge the authority of God in your life?

James 1 :22



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