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Meet our Childrens Minister:

    Darcy Hobson


       I have never had a conversation with a kid that did not bring joy to my heart in some way. 
The love they have for anyone, their sweet giggles and their curiosity for the world around
them is a constant reminder of the God who created us. This is why I love the opportunity to
be the Children’s Minister at Hillcrest Christian Church.  What could be a more perfect job
than to be used by the Lord to teach kiddos about Him? 






Hillcrest Christian Church

1130 Hillcrest Road

Bedford, IN

October 25th   -   6-8 PM

For more information call 812-279-3994

Hillcrest Children's Ministry

Our children's ministry covers activities and growth opportunities for nursery-age on up to 5th grade-age children.  For any information, don't hesitate to inquire: of Children's Minister - Darcy Hobson at 279-3994.

For Nursery-K age activities click the Nursery-K menu tab. 
For students in grades 1 through 5, click the 
Grades 1st-5th menu tab.




Hillcrest is a safe, warm environment for kids of all ages.  You are invited to Hillcrest knowing that while you enjoy God-centered education opportunities and worship, your child will be in a friendly, secure and of course, positive environment.  Thank you for coming to see us!